Holistic Psychiatry Services

Initial Assessment
(Diagnostic Evaluation)

All patients new to our practice will undergo a comprehensive evaluation in order to formulate an appropriate care plan.  While evaluations are unique to an individual’s symptoms and behaviors, the following are common elements of a comprehensive, diagnostic psychiatric evaluation:

  • Description of behaviors present (when, during, conditions)
  • Description of symptoms noted (physical and psychiatric symptoms)
  • Effects of behaviors or symptoms as related to work performance or school performance, relationships, family involvement, and activity involvement
  • Complete medical history, personal, and family histories
  • Laboratory and other diagnostic testing in some cases to determine if an underlying medical condition is present

What I bring to the evaluation process is the ability to compile, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data - from the medical field and from the patient’s perspective - to formulate a highly personalized treatment plan that harmonizes biomedicine, complementary  wellness, and psychology considering your treatment values and preferences. 

Initial evaluations and consultations require a minimum of a 60 minute session, but sometimes may be completed over two visits to allow adequate time for data collection and to coalesce all input for comprehensive reflection and discussion. 

Medication Management  

For those who find adequate relief with medical approaches or those working with another healer/therapist, I am happy to provide expert medication management.  Psychopharmacology is more than simply prescribing pills - it is an art form derived from meticulous, evidence-based research. The finely tuned application of these chemicals can relieve suffering and pave the way for deeper healing. Prior to prescribing medication, a comprehensive evaluation must be completed to screen for medical causes, evaluate genetic impacts, and balance drug side effects against therapeutic gains. 

Please note that prescribing controlled substances (narcotics) requires a significant foundation of trust between physician and patient; such medications cannot be prescribed in the first visit. As we work together to understand the current state of health in both medical and psychological contexts, we can then determine how medication management (psychopharmacology) fits within the overall treatment plan. 

Comprehensive Combined Treatment

Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment and is grounded in dialogue to provide a supportive, neutral, and non-judgmental environment. The goal is to identify and change the thought and behavior patterns that keep patients from feeling their best.

This is an opportunity for us to work together more regularly, bringing my years of experience, training, and education as I walk beside you on your journey.

In order to be well, you must live well.  With that in mind, our sessions combine treatments of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology (if appropriate), and elements of personalized coaching to influence lifestyle changes that are needed to attain higher functioning and enduring mind-body wellness. 

I have only a limited number of slots for psychotherapy.  Please ask about availability (it changes regularly).

Consultative Evaluations
(Second Opinions)

Consultative evaluations are designed to give patients, families, and their treating clinicians a comprehensive and timely opinion regarding diagnoses and treatment options. After seeing thousands of patients throughout my career, the populations with which I have worked represent a diverse array of demographics, illnesses, and symptom expressions.

For an individual, this means that I can more expertly understand, evaluate, and comment on your particular treatment plan and options. Referring physicians can trust that their patient will be evaluated by an experienced psychiatrist trained in one of the nation’s most challenging programs. 

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