Approach to care

My personalized approach to psychiatric care starts with a solid foundation in high quality evidence-based medicine.  We carefully review the biological, genetic, and functional causes of illness.  Is the depression caused by sleep apnea?  A poorly functioning thyroid? A side effect of a lipid-lowering medication?  Or is there a clear hereditary, neurochemically-based psychiatric illness?  We make this investigation and appropriately address this dimension of your care.

For some, this may be enough.

For others,  we next begin to probe, examine, and discover the deep psychological and social roots of troubling thoughts and behavioral patterns.    Are there persistent thoughts that deny presence?  These patterns can be addressed through a variety of methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT and its variants), psychodynamic psychotherapy, and mindfulness practices.  We consider the situation together and select the right approach based on your preferences and values.

change_process (1).png

As we come to understand and address both the medical and psychological determinants for the current state, we can then consider incorporating complementary approaches.  A tailored holistic treatment plan hastens healing and leads to far more impactful, enduring change.

The key is to design a way forward through a synergy of efforts. By blending proven Western medical and psychological interventions with wellness strategies (including exercise, nutrition, proper sleep) and mindfulness practices (including yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation), I can develop a customized plan that encompasses psychopharmacology, medical interventions, and additional therapies to manage difficult situations or conditions proactively so that you can flourish mentally and physically.   Your personal preferences and strengths guide our approach.

Your willingness to explore treatment options with an open mind is the major prerequisite.  It won’t be easy, but you won’t be alone.

When you are ready to take the journey, call on me.