+ When and where are you available?

Offices are located conveniently in San Francisco (Union Square) and in Oakland (Lake Merritt). Hours are typically from 9am to 5pm, by appointment only. Evenings and other times are sometimes a possibility if prior arrangments are made.

Click here for current contact information and directions to the office.

+ What do I do in case I have an emergency?

If you are in crisis or need immediate help due to a psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or report to your nearest emergency room. If you are a patient of Intuitive Psychiatry, ask the emergency staff to contact our office number to reach me (or my service after hours) to coordinate your care.

If your concern is urgent, but not an emergency -- refills, non-dangerous side effects, etc. -- please call our office to leave a message for a call back. We will get back to you within a day.

During evenings, weekends and holidays our service (staffed with trained Psychiatric Nurses) will be pleased to address your urgent concerns that cannot wait unil normal business hours. Just dial 800-544-6444 to connect.

Dial or contact Intuitive Psychiatry.

+ How do I request a refill in between appointments?

Please complete this form if you need a prescription refill in between appointments.

It is our policy to give enough medication and refill until next appointment. Patients in the practice are required to be seen for medication management on a monthly basis. It is patient’s responsibility to remain current with their appointment schedule in order to obtain enough medication on time. To minimize errors and for your safety, we discourage medication refills in between scheduled appointments and charge an administrative fee for this service.

Due to the necessity for communication on many levels, refilling medications through pharmacies can be a frustrating experience for both patients and staff. Therefore, pharmacy refill requests are disregarded.

It is of the utmost concern to us that we refill your medications in a timely manner. We request two business days for routine refill requests -- if your need is more urgent, please call our office (415.653.3100) or email the office after filling out this form.