Ravi Hariprasad MD, MPH - Psychiatrist in San Francisco

Practicing the art and science of Psychiatry
...in the heart of San Francisco.

At Intuitive Psychiatry, psychiatrist and patient collaborate closely to identify and remove obstacles to wellness, to reduce suffering, and to help patients gain a personal understanding of the complex relationship between mental and physical health.

When you need help on your journey to wellness

With a medical education from both Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania – followed by a career at the nation’s largest physician-led medical group – I offer more than a decade of exceptionally high quality clinical experience, including expert knowledge of psychopharmacology, teaching, administrative leadership, research, and innovation.

What sets me apart from my peer Psychiatrists is my foundation with an engineering degree from Cornell University. Early in my career I helped design a geosynchronous mobile communications satellite that is still in orbit. As an entrepreneur, I launched a tech company which was later sold after I invented a security feature now found on every smartphone. Recently, I worked with a team of data scientists, software engineers, and interaction designers to explore digital therapeutics to improve the mental health care experience. Not only am I a physician, I am also an engineer and a serial entrepreneur.


Quite simply, I approach problem solving and treatment planning differently.

According to a leading civic planning organization, San Francisco’s innovation-fueled economy is expected to grow faster than nearly all other large cities in the country. The impact this type of exhilarating, consuming, and exhausting growth has on people can be life changing.

How can one navigate life when challenged with anxiety, relationship concerns, problems sleeping, or depression? How does one find a path to success when facing disorders such as ADD/ADHD or OCD? How does one move forward when the present is clouded with past trauma? What happens when the prescriptions no longer work?

I have encountered these same questions throughout my experience with thousands of patients from a myriad of socio-economic backgrounds.

I invite you to learn more about my diverse training in psychiatry, my knowledge of psychopharmacology, and my skills in complementary therapies. I offer the expertise and adaptability to meet evolving needs in an integrative and holistic process that leads to more functional, fulfilling lives.

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